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Hydroelectric Power Plants in Vietnam (Part 2)

Nam Tha-6
Location: Lao Cai
Operator: Phuc Khanh Energy Development and Construction Investment Co Ltd
Configuration: 2 X 2.1 MW Francis
Operation: 2012
T/G supplier: Asia-Pacific Power-Tech Co Ltd
Quick facts: Nam Ngan is located on Nam Ngan stream between Viet Lam and Quang Ngan communes, Vi Xuyen district. The project's estimated annual production is 58 GWh. The plant is connected to the national grid with a tie-line to the Ha Giang- Bac Quang 110kV line.

Photograph courtesy of Asia-Pacific Power-Tech Co Ltd
Posted 26 Jun 2013

Ngoi Xan-2
Location: Lao Cai
Operator: Nam Tien Construction Investment & Trading JSC
Configuration: 3 X 3.8 MW Pelton
Operation: 2008
T/G supplier: Asia-Pacific Power-Tech Co Ltd
Photograph courtesy of Asia-Pacific Power-Tech Co Ltd
Posted 26 Jun 2013

Se San-3A
Location: Gia Lai
Operator: Electricity of Vietnam
Configuration: 2 X 54 MW
Operation: 2006-2007
T/G supplier: ??
EPC: Song Da
Quick facts: Construction of this plant in the Central Highlands began in April 2003 and the first set was connected to the grid on 29 Dec 2006. The total plant investment is VND1,864bn and a credit agreement was signed between the developer and Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam, Vietnam Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development, Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam, and Industrial and Commercial Bank of Vietnam.

Photograph courtesy of Song Da Construction Corp
Posted 7 Jan 2007

Se San-4
Location: Gia Lai
Operator: Electricity of Vietnam
Configuration: 3 X 120 MW Kaplan
Operation: 2009-2010
T/G supplier: TAH
EPC: PECC No 1, Song Da
Quick facts: This site is downstream of the Yali Dam. It is one of a series of dams and hydro plants on the Se San River upstream of its eventual confluence with the Mekong River in Cambodia. The plant cost around $250mn.
Photograph courtesy of PECC No 1
Re-posted 26 Oct 2011
Son La
Location: Son La
Operator: Electricity of Vietnam
Configuration: 6 X 400 MW
Operation: 2010-2012
T/G supplier: Alstom
EPC: PECC No 1, Song Da
Quick facts: Son La has the largest hydraulic turbines in Vietnam. The 177m dam on the Da River created a 44,000ha reservoir necessitating extensive resettlement. EVN did the feasibility study and Sweco and Harza completed a final appraisal in 1999. The Politburo approved the project, but requested additional studies. On 23 Dec 2012, Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung inaugurated the hydropower project about 3yrs ahead of schedule. The estimated cost was $3.55bn.
Photograph by Earth_Walker (Panoramio)
Re-posted 27 Dec 2011

Song Ba Ha
Location: Phu Yen
Operator: Ba Ha River JSC
Configuration: 2 X 110 MW
Operation: 2009
T/G supplier: Dongfang
EPC: Power Engineering Consulting Co No 1, Maunsell, Cavico, Corporation of Electromechanics and Agriculture Construction, Construction Co No 47, Lilama
Quick facts: Construction at Song Ba Ha started in Jan 2007. The plant cost about 4.27tn dong. Main components are a 51m concrete and earthfill dam, diversion canal, and durfact powerhouse.
Photograph courtesy of Dongfang Electric Co
Posted 25 Aug 2012

Song Giang-2
Location: Khanh Hoa
Operator: Song Giang Hydro Power JSC
Configuration: 2 X 18.5 MW
Operation: 2012
T/G supplier: Fouress
EPC: Power Engineering Consulting Co No 3, Guangdong Yuantian Engineering Co, Cavico
Quick facts: This project on the the Giang River in Khanh Vinh District, 50km northwest of Nha Trang. The project componentes include a 17.5m hiigh, 166m long concrete gravity dam, a water diversion system to a closed water channel, a 4.7km power tunnel, a pressure regulating well, and a 1.3km penstock to the powerhouse. A single-circuit 110kV will tie to Dien Khanh Substation. Total annual production is expected to be 141 GWh.
Photograph courtesy of Guangdong Yuantian Engineering Co
Posted 25 Aug 2012

Song Mien
Location: Ha Giang
Operator: Bat Dai Son Hydropower JSC
Configuration: 2 X 3 MW Kaplan
Operation: 2010
T/G supplier: ??
EPC: Song Da No 11 JSC
Quick facts: THis SHP project is on the Mien River, a branch of the Lo RIver, in Bat Dai Son commune, Quan Ba district, and Na Khe commune, Yen Minh district. The project is invested by PetroVietnam Financial JSC.
Photograph courtesy of Electricity of Vietnam
Posted 20 Feb 2012 
Song Pha
Location: Ha Giang
Operator: Ham Thuan-Da Mi-Da Nhim Hydro Power Co
Configuration: 2 X 3.75 MW Francis
Operation: 1994
T/G supplier: Guizhou CVC
Photograph courtesy of Guizhou CVC
Posted 27 Dec 2011

Srok Phu Mieng
Location: Binh Phouc
Operator: Industrial Park Development and Investment Co (IDICO)
Configuration: 2 X 25.5 MW
Operation: 2006
T/G supplier: Dongfang
Quick facts: In Nov 2003, construction started on this site on the Be River in Binh Long and Phuoc Long districts in southern Binh Phuoc province. The plant cost $67.5mn and will supply about 228 GWh/yr. The first set went online in Oct 2006. Srok Phu Mieng was the third hydroelectric station on the Be River after the Thac Mo and Can Don HPP. 

Thac Ba
Location: Yen Bai
Operator: Thac Ba Hydropower Co
Configuration: 3 X 40 MW Propeller
Operation: 1971-1972
T/G supplier: Kharkov, Electrosila
EPC: Hydropower Institute, PECC No 1, Song Da No 9
Quick facts: Thac Ba is on the Chay River and was the first Vietnamese hydro plant built with Soviet equipment and financial assistance. Construction started on 19 Aug 1964 and Unit-1 commissioned on 5 Oct 1971 after repeated interruptions by US airstrikes. The dam is 48m high and 657m long. The reservoir is 235km².
Photograph courtesy of Thac Ba Hydropower Co
Posted 30 Aug 2008

Thac Mo
Location: Binh Phuoc
Operator: Thac Mo Hydro Power Co
Configuration: 2 X 75 MW Francis
Operation: 1995
T/G supplier: LMZ, UETM
EPC: Koei, Ukrhydroproject, PECC No 2, Eastern Construction Co
Quick facts: In Mar 2004, JBIC signed a ¥5,972bn loan agreement with EVN for a 75-MW extension to the Thac Mo power station.
Photograph courtesy of Ukrhydroproject
Posted 8 Mar 2007

Tuyên Quang
Location: Tuyên Quang
Operator: Electricity of Vietnam
Configuration: 3 X 114 MW
Operation: 2008
T/G supplier: Shaoyang Hengyuan Zijang Hydroelectric, Harbin
EPC: Northwest Hydro Consulting Engineers, Power Engineering & Consulting Co 1, Song Da No 9 JSC
Quick facts: Tuyên Quang, also known as Dai Thi, is on the Gâm River near Pac Ta Mountain. It is the first HPP on the Lo-Gâm river system in northern Vietnam. Construction began on 22 Dec 2002 and the first unit was commissioned in Mar 2008. Annual production is about 1,2000 GWh. The project's approved cost was $490mn. The 92m tall rockfill Na Hang Dam has a crest length of 718m.
Photograph by Dr Blofeld (wikipedia)
Posted 31 Mar 2013

Location: Gia Lai
Operator: Electricity of Vietnam
Configuration: 4 X 180 MW Francis
Operation: 2000-2001
T/G supplier: LMZ
EPC: Hydropower Institute, Ukrhydroproject, Electricite de France, PECC No 1
Quick facts: This is Vietnam's second largest hydroelectric plant. In Nov 1993, construction started at the site on the mainstream Se San River, an important tributary of the Mekong. The site is approximately 70km from the Cambodian frontier. The plant equipment was supplied by Technopromexport and is expected to produce 3.68 TWh/yr.
Photograph courtesy of Ukrhydroproject
Posted 8 Mar 2007

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