Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Xe Pian & Xe Namnoy Hydropower Scheme Lao PDR


1/ Project Description:
The Xe Pien & Xe Namnoy hydropower scheme is being implemented by the client as a BOT venture with the government of People’s Democratic Republic of Laos for power exports to Thailand.
The headworks of the high-head project are located on the Bolaven plateau some 500 km south-east of the capital city of Vientiane. The tailworks discharge into the Sekong river a major Mekong tributary, at the foot of a steep, 800 m deep escarpment.

2/ Client:
Dong Ah Construction Industrial Company Ltd.
Seoul, Korea

3/ Project: Hydropower storage project

4/ Service Provider: Poyry Energy Ltd.

5/ Xe Pian & Xe Namnoy Hydropower Scheme – Key data:

·       Xe Pian Dam:
Type: Earth-Rockfill
Height: 49m
Fill volume: 1.1 million m3
Length of crest: 1240 m

·       Xe Pian Reservoir:
Catchment area: 212 km2
Total Storage: 20 million m3
Active storage: 14 million m3

·       Xe Namnoy Dam:
Type: Rockfill with core
Height: 78 m
Fill volume: 4.6 million m3

·       Xe Namnoy Reservoir:
Catchment area: 533 km2
Total storage: 1001 million m3
Active storage: 07 million m3

·       6/ Energy production at Thai border: 1927 QWh/year

Source: Pöyry Energy Ltd. Switzerland

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