Sunday, April 17, 2016

Images Weekly Update (April 15, 2016)


Khone Phapheng Waterfall, Champasak, Laos

The Mae Chang reservoir in Lampang province, northern Thailand, has almost dried up [EPA-Rungroj Yongrit] March 2016

Thailand is in the grip of its worst drought for more than 20 years, with water levels in the country's biggest dams lower than 10 percent.
The current drought has hit the north hardest, with 22 of Thailand's 76 provinces affected.
Agriculture has been severely affected, and there are genuine fears that taps could run dry within a matter of weeks. Several major reservoirs in the country are below 50 percent of their water capacity.

The situation is so bad at the Ubolrat dam they are about to dip into what is locally known as "dead storage" - this refers to the last 1 percent in the bottom of the reservoir.

Thailand is in the middle of its worst drought for more than 20 years [EPA]

Một người dân đi ngang qua ao nứt nẻ vì hạn hán ở Côn Minh, Vân Nam (Trung Quốc) - Ảnh: Reuters

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