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Tribute to the Mekong Delta @ Risk (Source: Scientists4themekong)

Published on Mar 9, 2016

This video is the result of our Reconnaissance of the Mekong River and its Delta in Jan-Feb. 2016. It is our tribute to the "Divine Mother Mae Kong and her Delta" (now with subtitles).
We are in awe of such a BOUNTIFUL & beautiful area of enormous biodiversity & productivity both in land and water.
Unfortunately, Hydropower DAMS are SINKING the MEKONG Delta!!

We call on International INTERVENTION to STOP LAOS BUILDING ANY MORE DAMS in the Mekong River main stream, putting at RISK the food security of 60 Million poor people who depend on it, and SINKING the Mekong Delta - thereby risking the very homes and livelihood of 20 Million Vietnamese who inhabit it.
In order to "get out of poverty" Laos is in effect, threatening 3 times its own population with extreme poverty, displacement and hunger. How fair is this?
Nearly 1 Million hectares have been lost in the Delta to sinking & salinisation aggravated by upstream Dams in China & Laos. Hydropower Dams hold back and block sediments rich in nutrients and also deprive the downstream river and communities of precious water and fisheries - basis of their subsistence.

If 9 more Dams are built in the Mekong mainstream and over 350 more dams are built in its tributaries, in addition to rising sea levels, and if the Delta sinks by 1m - this will unleash a Humanitarian Crisis and an Ecological disaster resulting in:
Up to 10 MILLION Vietnamese will be HOMELESS, HUNGRY & JOBLESS
• The Mekong River Ecosystem & Fisheries WILL COLLAPSE
Vietnam's Economy will be DEVASTATED...

We ask for the COMPASSION of Buddha and the MERCY of Kwan Yin - Guardians of the Mekong Delta - to be activated in the hearts of Government Officials. We ask that International Intervention be swift to ensure such an Eco-Genocide be avoided with Grace and ease.

Dr. Lilliana Corredor
Coordinator, Scientists for the Mekong
Bogangar, NSW, Australia­ng/
PHOTOGRAPHY by Shanti Cantrelle © Feb. 2016
MUSIC: “Divine Mother” by Sacred Earth 

Featured in this slideshow are Dr. Duong Van Ni and
Dr. Le Anh Tuan, well known Researchers at Can Tho University, and Experts on the Mekong Delta, who strongly oppose Hydropower Dams on the Mekong River. We thank them for the information shared during our Meeting in Feb 2016 & for their invaluable support to Scientists for the Mekong.

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